Pegasus Fund

History and Purpose

In 1996, G. Robinson, Robin F. Whitten, and Susan B. Martin, parents of students at, and trustees of Breakwater School in Portland, established the Pegasus Fund to honor faculty and staff at the school.

Believing that an individual's growth inevitably enriches the lives of those he or she touches, the fund supports the personal growth, whims, and fantasies of faculty and staff, knowing that in so doing they will enrich the lives of children at Breakwater. These whims and fantasies may range from writing a book to studying Chinese, from exploring the Amazon to playing the lute, from gaining professional expertise to learning to fly. Pegasus should inspire.


Applicants must:
  • Be a full- or part-time faculty or staff member who has worked at least one year at Breakwater School
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the children, families, and mission of the school
  • Be willing to report back to the committee and/or the school about his or her pursuit
  • Return to Breakwater School the year following the project.

Amount and Number of Awards

The number of awards and amounts will be determined based upon the income available. At minimum, awards will be $250-500.

Application Process

Applicants should describe his or her intended pursuit, explain its personal significance, and outline the expenses. Applications may be any length and must contain at least one typewritten page of narrative, verse, or song. The remainder of the application may be illustrated, constructed, or sculpted drawing, cartoon, fimo, or photo. Applicants are encouraged to express themselves in the medium with which they are most comfortable.
Application Deadline: March 31
Submit to: Administrative Office Manager, Main Office, Breakwater School
Awards will be announced by mid-April.