Malaga 1912 Scholarship Fund

Students enter the Malaga Island school, circa 1910. Photo courtesy Peter K. Roberts

History of the Fund

In 1912, Maine Gov. Frederick Plaisted oversaw the eviction and destruction of a mixed-race community on Malaga Island, a 42-acre island in Phippsburg, Maine. About 40 people were removed from the island, houses were moved and burned, the cemetery was exhumed, and eight residents were committed to the Maine School for the Feeble Minded.

In 2010, the Maine State House passed a joint resolution that expressed regret for the action. Later that year, Gov. John Baldacci spoke at a gathering of descendants and apologized for the eviction. In 2012, at the opening of the Maine State Museum’s “Malaga Island: Fragmented Lives” exhibit, Gov. Paul LePage apologized to descendants and promised to open a scholarship fund to support descendants. The funding for that scholarship was awarded by the state in 2014 and the fund began making awards in 2015. 

This scholarship opportunity drew to a close with the September 2018 awards. The Malaga 1912 Scholarship Fund is no longer accepting applications.