Peaks Island Fund

Total grant dollars awarded last cycle: $35,121
Maximum grant size: Grants made in 2017 ranged from $938 to $10,000
Average grant size last cycle: $4,390
Application deadline: June 1

Recent Grants from the Peaks Island Fund

New updates for 2018 grantmaking are in development.


Through the generosity of year-round and summer residents, businesses, and friends, the Peaks Island Fund benefits the community of Peaks Island and its residents by supporting the work of local nonprofits and responding to the emerging needs of the island and its residents. Local residents evaluate grant requests to determine how the funds will be distributed. They also monitor the pulse of the island to determine other needs that should be addressed to better the future lives of island residents.

How to Apply

Complete the online grant application by clicking the link in the grant application box at the top right hand corner of this page. Online applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m., June 1. All applicants will receive notice of the committee's decisions.

Project Progress Report

All grant recipients will be required to submit a Project Progress Report approximately 10 months after receiving payment of the grant. Organizations that fail to file a progress report will not be eligible for future funding from Maine Community Foundation competitive grant programs for one year or until the missing report is filed.


If you have any questions regarding the Peaks Island Fund, please contact Gloria Aponte Clarke by e-mail or by phone at (207) 412-0847, or contact one of the fund's advisors.

To Make a Donation to the Peaks Island Fund

To make a cash donation, contact Gloria Aponte Clarke, program officer, by e-mail or by phone at (207) 412-0847. You may also donate online.

To donate stock or gifts of real or tangible personal property to the Peaks Island Fund, or to discuss planned giving options, please contact Jen Southard at (207) 412-0842 or

Peaks Island Fund Advisors

Mary Anderson
Stephanie Castle
Will Crosby
Ed Daranyi
Craig Davis, Co-Vice Chair
John Funk
Joseph Gray
Cheryl Higgins
Jane Kaveney
Scott Kelley

Emily Magal
Chris Marot
Kathryn Moxhay, Chair
Nancy Gibson Nash
Grace Noonan-Kaye
Beth Rand
Marilyn Staples
Monica Stevenson
Barbara Taylor
Priscilla Webster

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