Cumberland County Fund

Total applications received in last grant cycle: 79 applications for a total of $613,017
Grant dollars awarded: $68,468
Average award: $6,200
Percentage of applicants that received grants: 26%
Number of grants awarded: 11
Application deadline: February 15

Recent grants from the Cumberland County Fund

Photo: Members of the Cumberland County Committee include Eleanor Goldberg, Nasir Shir, Alison Harris, Nancy Spiegel, Quincy Hentzel, Clara Whitney, Sara Moppin, Brian Cushing, Kathy Smith, and Chip Newell.

The Cumberland County Fund was established in 2005 with the support of several MaineCF donors. As a permanent endowment, the Cumberland County Fund provides ongoing grant support to nonprofits engaged in community building projects in the region.

The Maine Community Foundation manages the Cumberland County Fund, and local leaders, knowledgeable about their communities, help review grant applications and distribute funding.

To make a donation or for more information about the Cumberland County Fund

Please contact Stephanie Eglinton, senior program officer, by phone, toll-free, at (207) 412-0837 or by e-mail at

Cumberland County Committee

Sara Moppin, Chair, Portland

Clara Whitney, Vice Chair, Freeport

Mufalo Chitam, South Portland

Brian Cushing, Bridgton

Martha Dumont, Windham

Eleanor Goldberg, Portland

Alison Harris, Brunswick

Quincy Hentzel, Cape Elizabeth

Chip Newell, Portland

Nasir Shir, Cape Elizabeth

Kathy Smith, Freeport

Nancy Spiegel, Cape Elizabeth