Belvedere Traditional Handcrafts Fund

Total grant dollars requested last cycle: $137,352
Total grant dollars awarded last cycle: $137,352
Percentage of proposals that received full funding: 100
Percentage of proposals that received partial funding: 0
Average grant size last cycle: $9,156
Application deadline: June 1

Recent grants from the Belvedere Traditional Handcrafts Fund


The Belvedere Traditional Handcrafts Fund was established in 2007 by an anonymous donor. The goal of this fund is to support projects and organizations that promote traditional handcrafts throughout Maine. This includes but is not limited to support for fiber arts, ceramics, basketry, jewelry, glass arts, woodwork, leather, metal crafts, and more. It also includes traditional Native American handcrafts.

Types of Grants

The Belvedere Traditional Handcrafts Fund offers two types of support: project grants and capacity-building grants.
1. Project grants for new projects that are no more than one year in operation or expanding projects that include new services, populations, or regions.
2. Capacity-building grants for activities that are designed to strengthen traditional handcraft organizations to make them more efficient, increase their services, or improve their results.

Sample activities and projects:

  • Workshops and lectures that improve the understanding and appreciation of traditional handcrafts in Maine
  • Demonstrations and exhibitions that inform about various traditional handcrafts
  • Training for board and staff to improve fundraising and financial management
  • Strategic planning with specific goals and action plans
  • Technology upgrades to support more efficient operations.

Funding Rules

Applications for project or capacity building grants must include:

  • Clear beginning and end dates
  • Goals or outcomes that are measurable.

Grant funds can be used to support:

  • Staff time dedicated to the proposed project or capacity-building activities
  • New equipment or materials that are necessary to achieve the goals or outcomes of the proposed activities
  • Training for staff, volunteer or board members
  • Administrative overhead (up to 20% of the requested funding).

Grant funds cannot be used to support:

  • Building construction, renovations, and/or landscaping
  • Expenses for activities that take place before the grant is awarded
  • General operating costs such as copy machines, rent, or utilities
  • Annual appeals and capital campaigns
  • Camp or tuition scholarships
  • Multi-year requests.


The Belvedere Traditional Handcrafts Fund will give priority to proposals that:

  • Have the greatest potential to positively impact the community or the organization
  • Will be sustained after Maine Community Foundation funding ends
  • Include other sources of funding to support the proposed work.


Maximum award: $10,000

How to Apply

Complete the online grant application by clicking the link in the Online Grant Application box at the top right corner of this page. Online applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on June 1.

Project Progress Report

All grant recipients are required to submit a Project Progress Report approximately 10 months after receiving payment of the grant. Reports are submitted through the online system. Select the Online Grant Application tab at the top of the web page and log into your account to access the form. Organizations that fail to file a progress report will not be eligible for future funding from Maine Community Foundation competitive grant programs for one year or until the missing report is filed.

If you have questions regarding the Belvedere Traditional Handcrafts Fund, please contact Cathy Melio at or at (207) 412-2002.