Why Establish a Fund at the Maine Community Foundation?

Permanence and Stability: Your Gift Will Keep Giving

The Maine Community Foundation is here for the long term. Permanent endowments provide benefits for the community now and in the years ahead. Donors may choose a name for the fund they create and make additional gifts to it at any time.

Future Generations

By naming a second generation of fund advisors, donors have the ability to involve their children in philanthropy.

Staff Expertise

The staff of the Maine Community Foundation is knowledgeable about the nonprofit community. Program officers can assist you in fulfilling your charitable goals.


Establishing a fund at the Maine Community Foundation usually involves a simple one-page document. The foundation works with you to establish the type of fund that best serves your intent.


As a vehicle for philanthropy, the Maine Community Foundation is extremely flexible. This is reflected in the variety of funds that may be established, the type of assets used to establish a fund, and the ability to ensure that a donor's wishes are fulfilled now and in the future.


Ensuring that contributed funds are used both in accordance with the donor's directions and for public benefit is of primary importance at the foundation.

An independent professional audit is made annually and all grants are publicly disclosed. Donors receive statements detailing the fund's activity on an annual, semi-annual, or quarterly basis.

Professional Fund Management

An investment committee oversees Maine Community Foundation investments. The committee is responsible for setting investment policy and strategy, hiring outside professional managers and monitoring investment performance against industry benchmarks.

Members of the committee have extensive experience in business, investments and the financial services industries.


The Maine Community Foundation adheres to the standards and practices described in the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act (UPMIFA) passed by the Maine Legislature in 2009. The act encourages long-term investment strategies that moderate portfolio value fluctuations resulting from sudden shifts in interest rates and market valuations.