Field-of-Interest Funds

Over the years, Maine Community Foundation donors have created funds to support nonprofits that are addressing specific issues in our state and in our communities, from the arts and animal welfare to civil rights, education, and historic preservation. Many of these field-of-interest funds are advised by community leaders who are familiar with the targeted issue.

You can increase the impact of your individual gift by contributing to one of these funds. Help us further the philanthropic vision of these donors.

Social Justice

The Equity Fund supports organizations working to improve the lives and guarantee the civil rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered individuals in Maine. The fund is committed to combating all forms of prejudice in the state.

The People of Color Fund seeks to achieve greater equity for people of color in Maine. The fund invests in the development of existing or new and emerging leadership; supports organizations that serve communities of color; and assists communities and individuals of color to affect systemic change.


The Musgrave Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to students who have resided in Maine for the previous five years, have financial need, and have demonstrated good character.


The Belvedere Natural Resources Preservation Fund supports organizations involved in land, wildlife, and natural resource preservation in Maine.

The Fund for Maine Land Conservation provides land trusts with small grants to expand their programs and build a constituency to provide a permanent base of support.

Historic Preservation

The Belvedere Historic Preservation Fund supports the preservation or restoration of historic buildings in rural Maine communities.


The Maine Expansion Arts Fund supports indigenous, ethnic, and rural arts programs in Maine, particularly those that serve geographical areas with limited access to arts programming.

Animal Welfare

The Belvedere Animal Welfare Fund supports animal welfare organizations and programs that address population control for cats and dogs.

Please call the community foundation at (877) 700-6800 for more information about contributing to one of these funds, criteria for setting up a new field-of-interest fund, and additional giving opportunities.