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We thank all of our fundholders for their generosity, their enthusiasm for philanthropy, and their dedication to Maine.

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MaineCF's impact investing program has expanded our ability to be a catalyst for change in Maine. In partnership with donors, these impact investing pools provide capital in combination with grants to strengthen Maine’s economy and communities.

Existing Account Holders

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General Information

The Maine Community Foundation's Fund Connection is a service for donors with advised funds.

It offers secure internet access to information about funds, including current grants, contributions, and fund balances, as well as historic grant and contribution reports. Donor advisors may also submit grant recommendations through Fund Connection.

If you are a current donor advisor and haven't established a Fund Connection user account with us, please contact the community foundation's Donor Services staff at (207) 667-9735 or toll-free (877) 700-6800.

To complete the registration process, community foundation staff will verify your fund relationship and validate your e-mail address. Once we have completed this process, we will create your account and contact you with your login information. Please allow two business days for the online registration to be finalized.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please e-mail

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