Investment and Financial Information

As a public charity, the Maine Community Foundation makes a point of operating in an open manner that welcomes scrutiny. We take our obligation to donors, community groups and the public at large very seriously.

Accordingly, our federal tax returns, audited financial statements, and other related documents are available here, or you may contact us to receive print copies. Information about our socially responsible investment portfolio is available online.

Our federal tax ID number is 01-0391479.


Philanthropic Impact

  • In 2016, the Maine Community Foundation awarded more than $33 million in grants and scholarships.
  • Since its founding in 1983, the community foundation has distributed more than $310 million in grants and scholarships throughout the state.
  • The community foundation manages more than 1,700 funds with a value of around $450 million. Those funds include around 525 scholarships for Maine students.
  • The community foundation also manages more than 250 nonprofit funds, helping nonprofits build a perpetual source of funding.
  • Donor-advised funds are an integral part of our work, representing nearly 40% of assets under management.